So What’s Been Going On?

So here I sit wondering what to blog about.  I know that I want to tell you about the changes that have happened during the what is now nearly a year since my last blog post.  One would think that in that time I would have enough material for two blogs worth of material.  And perhaps I do, however being able to express it in words is not exactly my strong point.  I am more of a visual person rather than a written word person, hence photography appeals to me much more than any other media of communication.

One thing that has excited me tremendously this year has been my return to shooting film.  Shooting black and white film in particular.  It feels as though I have come full circle with the exception that I now possess much more knowledge than I did all those 35 years ago.

Mom and Emma - 2013
Mom and Emma – 2013 YashicaMat 124G | Tri-X 400
Emma - Film
Emma shot with the Nikon F100 | Arista 400 film

I got my first digital camera (a Nikon D40x) in 2008 and subsequent upgrade to the D90 in 2009, both of which have taken nice shots for me.  However over the last year or so the magic just wasn’t there.  I mean the excitement of seeing instant results on the back of the camera had worn off leaving me feeling flat and unfulfilled.  It was during this time that I decided to revisit some of the cameras that I had packed away in my closet.  First to come out was the Nikon F3.  It had been literally 15 years since I had held it with purpose.  The feel of the metal body as opposed to the plasticy digitals and weight difference sent a thrill through me.  I knew then that I had to return to film.

So last year I purchased and/or acquired a couple of film cameras that I wanted to work with: a Nikon F2, Nikon F100 and a Nikon N8008s, along with a Sekonic handheld light meter.  I ran a roll through each to ensure that they were still functional and was very pleased with the results.  So as the new year approached I decided that 2014 would be the year that I shoot more film than digital.  I’m sure I’ve made the right decision as I feel the joy of holding a camera grow stronger and stronger each time the shutter fires.

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