Color Is Okay…

But my real passion is in black and white.  Perhaps it is because when I first started out in photography in middle school all those years ago (1979) the cheapest way to shoot was in black and white.  Plus I had a darkroom set up in my grandmother’s basement which provided me with hours of enjoyment.  And although I have not graced a darkroom since the mid ’80’s I still miss the smell of D76 and fixer.


For the past year, I have really felt the tug of black and white trying to pull me back.  Well, I have succumbed to it’s beckoning call and have started down the path to where I feel my need to be photographically.  I’m sure this will not be an easy road, but anything worth having is never had by taking the easy path, at least in my life.

So from time to time, I will share images I have taken and things I have learned.  If you, too, are on this path then, by all means, feel free to share your experiences or insights as you wish.

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