Back To Film

In a past post, I had mentioned that I am returning to film. Several people have asked me why some have shaken their heads and some have even attempted to talk me out of it. So before you become one of those above, let me explain my reasoning for going back to film.

Firstly, digital doesn’t come close to the look I’m after. I’ve tried all shapes and sizes of filters, presets or whatever else is out there that is supposed to make your digital images look like film but all failed me. For me, the only thing that gives me the look and feel of film that I am after is film itself.

Secondly, from the very start of my photographic journey, it has always been more than just the taking of the photo. The development and printing of the final image always has (or was) a part of the experience.  To hold a roll of film, load it into my Nikon F2 or F4, shoot it and then view the results after developing it is far more gratifying than chimping the back of a DSLR ever will be for me.

You see, it’s more about the journey to the final image than anything else.  I know some won’t understand that, and that’s OK.  Some may even call me crazy or stuck in the past, and that’s OK too.  You do your thing and I’ll find my Zen in the process of film.


Happy shooting!

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