2019 PhotoFellowships

2019 seems to be shaping up to what could be an interesting year for me, photographically. My return to film being the biggest along with bulk rolling and developing my own black and white film.

During a talk with a fellow Instagrammer and film shooter, it was suggested that I consider doing film photowalks with interested photographers in the area. I found this idea very intriguing so I have decided to do just that. Right now the plan is that once a month we will meet up at different locations and talk shop and shoot. The main focus will be on black and white film but attendees won’t be restricted to that. If all you have is your phone or some other digital device, you are more than welcome to use that. However, if you are wanting to shoot film then I will have a couple of cameras available (autofocus or manual focus) and a roll of film that you are welcome to use. In the following week(s) I will then develop and scan your film and upload the files for you to download. Sound like fun?

So that’s it in a nutshell. The details will be worked out by Spring so we can start as things begin to warm up. So if you’re interested, leave a comment or shoot me an email at grisier.photographic@gmail.com.

Happy Shooting!

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