Silberra Ultima 200 and Opening Day!

My daughter and her team played their first softball game of the 2019 season last Sunday which gave me the perfect opportunity to shoot my roll of Silberra Ultima 200. I’ve had this roll around since receiving it as a perk for donating to a Silberra Indiegogo project a year ago so it was high time I shot it up.

I used my Nikon F4 because…well just because I hadn’t shot it in a while and it just sounded right for the task at hand. I loaded it with the Silberra and set the ISO to box speed (200) since I had never pushed this film before and didn’t know what to expect if I did. Most shots were taken at f/5.6 – 8 to ensure some semblance of focus since I was shooting at a distance with a 50mm.

So the time came to develop this roll and I really hadn’t a clue how to go about it. I fully intended to use Kodak HC-110, which is one of my favorite developers. Unfortunately, when I consulted the Massive Dev Chart, there was no information on using HC-110 with this film. That’s not to say that I couldn’t use it but I would have to guess as to the development time, which I probably would have done had this been a test roll. I wasn’t about to try it on a roll of Emma’s game. The chart did, however, have data for Rodinal which I have in my arsenal of developers.

Development for this roll was Rodinal 1:25 for 8 minutes, stop bath for one minute (Ilfostop) and five minute fix in Ilford Rapid Fix.

Nikon F4 | Silberra Ultima 200

Nikon F4 | Silberra Ultima 200

Nikon F4 | Silberra Ultima 200
Nikon F4 | Silberra Ultima 200

Nikon F4 | Silberra Ultima 200

For using Rodinal, I’m pretty pleased with the results. Would I shoot this film again? Possibly. I think it would depend on whether I have a different developer to use…or just blaze a trail and try my luck with HC-110 or DD-X. Have you shot this film and used either of those developers? If so, I’d love to hear your experience or see some results!

Until next time…Happy Shooting!

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