Playing With Kentmere 400

I recently had the pleasure of shooting one of the two rolls of 35mm Kentmere 400 that I bought last Winter. With the film loaded in my Nikon F100, Nicole and I headed to a new area of a favorite location of mine to test the film out.

Since I had never shot this film before, I thought it best to rate it at box speed just to get a base idea of what it does. This didn’t bother me to much since we would be in the woods and out of the harsh midday sun.

I developed the roll in Kodak HC-110 as per the Massive Dev Chart. What I got really impressed me, just see the samples below. I really look forward to shooting more of this film in the very near future.

Nikon F100 | Kentmere 400
Nikon F100 | Kentmere 400
Nikon F100 | Kentmere 400
Nikon F100 | Kentmere 400

If you’ve shot this film I’d love to hear about your experience or opinion of it. If you’ve developed it I would also love to hear what developer you used or which one you think works best with this film.

As always, thanks for reading and Happy Shooting!

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