First Time With Holga 400

Recently I was given two rolls of 120 film to shoot in my YashicaMAT 124. A roll of Fomapan 100 and Holga 400. The latter of which is rebranded Fomapan 400. When I first returned to film a few years ago I started shooting Arista branded films which, as I understand it, are rebranded Fomapan films. So to get some in 120 format was rather exciting. This past weekend it was in the 70’s so I could have asked for better weather to load up the YasichaMAT and take a walk around the yard to test this film out.

The roll was exposed at EI 320 and development was in Xtol 1:1 at 68 degrees for 12 minutes follow by a stop bath with Ilfostop and fixed for 6 minutes with Ilford Rapid Fixer. My final thoughts after the images.

YashicaMAT 124G – Holga 400
YashicaMAT 124G – Holga 400
YashicaMAT 124G – Holga 400
YashicaMAT 124G – Holga 400

To say that I’m pleased with the results would be understating my feelings. I’m not sure what I was expecting to see when I took them from the tank but it must not have been much, since I’ve never been impressed much with Arista. However, these negatives looked great to me. I was anxious to scan them so I set up my DSLR scanning rig (a topic for another post in the future) and began scanning them. What I saw in Lightroom was blowing me away. I was very happy with what I was seeing, to say the least. The next day I set up my Epson V600 to scan them my usual way and the results were blowing me away. I absolutely love the “old world” look and feel to the images. Very little needed to be done to them concerning contrast or exposure, most of the work I had to do was in dust removal.

Is this a film that I will shoot every day? Probably not. HP5+ has that spot Is this a film I would shoot again? Without question or hesitation. If you have shot this film I’d love to hear your experience with it and hear how you shot it and processed it. Just leave it in the comments below or contact me via email.

God Bless and Happy Shooting!

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