Working With Clayton F76+

After using Kodak Xtol almost exclusively for a year I recently I decided to try a new developer, that being Clayton F76+, also known as Photographers Formulary FA-1027 or Arista Liquid Developer. From everything I had seen and heard from other photographers it would give sharp images with good tonal range. And who doesn’t want that!

Nikon FM | Kentmere 400 +1 | Clayton F76+ 1+9

Unfortunately, there is very little data concerning development times for the films I am currently working with. Those being Kentmere 400, CatLABS x80, Ultrafine Extreme 400 and occasionally Kodak 2238. While this might deter some photographers from using this developer, I find it exciting and challenging to use new film/developer combinations.

YashicaMAT 124G | CatLABS x80 | Clayton F76+ 1+14

For the most part I decided on development times based on what little info there was to be had in forums, photo sharing platforms and from conversations with other photographers who have used this developer. And when there was no information for a particular film at a certain EI, I just went with gut feeling, as is the case with the pushed Kentmere 400.

YashicaMAT124G | Ultrafine Extreme 400 | Clayton F76+ 1+14

Regardless of the film, I have found that this developer is certainly one that I can see being my main developer for the foreseeable future. If you are, or have, used this developer let me know about your experiences or tips in the comments below. Any information i can get on this developer can only make my images better.

Mamiya M645 1000S | Ultrafine Extreme 400 | Clayton F76+ 1+14

Nikon FM | Kentmere 400 +1 | Clayton F76+ 1+9

Nikon F4 | Fuji 4791 | Clayton F76+ | 1+9

Nikon F4 | Kentmere 400 | Clayton F76+ 1+9

Nikon F100 | Kodak 2238 | Clayton F76+ 1+9

Nikon F4 | Kodak 2238 | Clayton F76+ 1+9

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Shooting!

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the post.
    I checked out the product page for this developer. At first glance I thought its name resembled D-76 from Kodak. On the product page it says “Designed to match Kodak D-76 in quality of tonal range, grain structure and contrast.”

    Did you use the developer times for D-76 as a starting point? Or are the times for this developer way different, and it just resembles D-76 in the final output.

    Here in Bay Area there’s a camera store called Looking Glass photo. They allow you to rent their lab to develop your b/w film and even make prints using an enlarger.

    I started developing my films there for a while and they provide D-76 (generic brand) for using as a developer. I thought my results came out pretty decent with ilford film (hp5 and delta 400).

    Now I do all my work at my home lab and I steadfastly rely on ilfotec DD-X. It has never failed me.

    I ordered some Diafine developer but have yet to make a solution out of it and start using it. The concept is quite neat.

    Sorry about the tangent there.

    1. Thanks for the comment, and no worries about going off on a tangent. I enjoy those on occasion too.

      I derived my starting time from talking with others that I discussed it with on Facebook and Instagram who have used this developer. Although they used it for HP5 I took the leap of using it with Kentmere since they are both Ilford products. It has since been suggested that I could use D76 as rough starting times but I haven’t done that yet.

      Diafine, along with Pryrocat HD, both look very interesting to me. Hopefully, I will get around to trying them at some point this year.

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