What Lies Ahead

As is the case for me, with the coming of a new year also comes a look inward to ponder what course I want to chart photographically. My first year coming back to film was slow and the goal was merely to get reacquainted with the mental process of shooting film. That being shooting slower and being more sure of exposures since “chimping” was no long an available crutch. The second year, I decided to focus on learning primarily one film and the reintroduction of bulk loading and processing my own film. I chose Ilford’s HP5+ and Kodak Xtol as my film/developer combination. Last year, I continued the idea of learning primarily one film, this time Kentmere 400, and Clayton F76+ with the occasional deviations into Xtol and HC-110. I also expanded more into medium format with my YashicaMAT 124G and braved my very first C41 developments.

So what are my goals for this year? Well, maybe “goals” isn’t the right word as that connotes reaching an end. I could be better asked, “What will be my focus for 2021?”. Firstly, I plan on exploring the Foma films, in both 35mm and 120. I have shot a few rolls of these in the past and have loved the results. I feel spending a year with them and learning their ins and outs would be a delight. Secondly, I plan to introduce the developer Diafine into my workflow. I have heard and seen many good things about this developer and feel it would be a good match to the Foma and the look/feel that I want from my photographs. This year will, or hopefully will, see me shooting more 120 than 35mm. I have really come to appreciate the square format and find shooting my YashicaMAT a joy. I also plan to explore pinhole photography for the first time ever. I’m not sure what to expect but it should prove interesting. Also, I have been gifted a Holga 120N which I have already shot a roll through and can say that I will definitely be shooting that more in the coming year.

As you can see, I have a full year of exploring and learning ahead of me. I am both excited and nervous of what will come of it but I’m sure at then end I will be happy I did it.

God Bless and Happy Shooting!

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