Reflected Tree

Every year since my return to film three years ago I have done my best to focus on one specific emulsion. I did this mainly in order to learn what that film can and can’t do. The first year was Ilford HP5+, the second year (last year) was Kentmere 400. This year I decided to changes things up a little and go with a 100 ASA film and add my love for the look of old emulsions. From the start of my hunt for a low ASA/classic emulsion film, there was one that jumped out front and stayed there. To be perfectly honest, there were no other competitors as far as I was concerned. That film is Fomapan 100. Coincidently, this is also the 100th anniversary for Foma Bohemia Ltd., the makers of the Fomapan films. I will speak more on this project as the year goes by.

I will, of course, also be shooting my beloved HP5+ and FP4+. But this is the year that Fomapan gets the “focus” so to speak, in both 35mm and 120. I plan on giving my FM and YashicaMAT 124G a good workout.

The image below was shot with the FM and Nikkor 55mm Micro f/3.5 on Fomapan 100 rated at 50 ASA. Development was in EcoPro (an Xtol “clone”) at stock strength for 6 minutes at 68 degrees. Fixing was accomplished using Photographers Formulary’s TF-4 for 5 minutes.

Nikon FM | Fomapan 100 rated at IE 50

If you have shot this film and have any tips or experiences to share, I’d love to hear them. Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

God Bless and Happy Shooting!

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    1. Good question! I use TF-4 for several reasons. TF-4 is an alkali fixer as opposed to an acidic fixer which is better for archival storage. Also, it works with both metol and Pyro based developers.

    1. My main fixer for almost a year has been TF-4. I have been quite pleased with it. I like it so much that I decided to try my hand at making TF-2 from scratch. Pretty much the same stuff but with a shorter shelf life. But that is ok, I make it in 1-liter batches and can make a new liter when I need it. So far I have not been disappointed in it.

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