One Camera, One Lens, One Film, (and maybe) One Developer

It is no secret that for the last couple of years I have had the intention of doing a one camera/one film project. As was told to me years ago, the best way to learn a tool of your trade is to use it almost exclusively for an extended period of time. I certainly found that to be true the last two years ago when I shot HP5+ and last year Kentmere 400 almost exclusively as my 35mm film.

Although, during that time, I varied developers (although sticking mainly with Xtol), cameras, and lenses. Yet I also saw that I was gravitating towards specific gear, or combination of gear, nearly every time I went out to shoot 35mm. So based on my propensity toward that gear, that is what has been chosen for this months one camera/one lens/one film project.

The gear I will be using are the Nikon FM. Always there for me, rugged and the meter is tack on. The lens, the Helios 44-2. From the moment this lens arrived to me from Moscow I’ve been enamored with it. Regardless of the camera or film I’m shooting, this lens is almost always mounted. The film, Fomapan 100. Although it is branded at Arista Ultra 100, this is, indeed, Fomapan 100 and in the two weeks and 3 rolls that I’ve shot has already confirmed my choice of this film. The images in this post are that film shot through the FM.

One thing I wanted to do was blog my experiences throughout the month as I progress through this project. It is my hopes that, perhaps, it will encourage you to think about doing the same.

If you have done this I’d love to hear of your gear/film combo and what experience you gained from it. Please, by all means, share it below or email me.

God Bless and Happy Shooting!

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