A Short Walk With HP5

I took a short walk with my YashichaMAT 124G at one of our local nature preserves last Sunday. Loaded up with Ilford HP5+ and a desire to work on my metering. Development was in my now trusted and favorite developer, replenished D23. The more I use this developer the more it gets “seasoned” the better it seems to get.

YashicaMAT 124G | Ilford HP5+

YashicaMAT 124G | Ilford HP5+

YashicaMAT 124G | Ilford HP5+

YashicaMAT 124G | Ilford HP5+

Thanks for stopping by! As always, I’d love to hear your comments, suggestions on any film/developer combo you see me using. God Bless and Happy Shooting!

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    1. D-23 is an older formula that gives excellent results. By “seasoned” I am meaning that I replenish the developer after each use by adding 23ml of Replenisher (DK-25R) to the bottled stock before I empty the tank back into the stock bottle. Replenishing is proving to really make this developer shine. You can find the recipes for both the developer and replenisher on my “Chemistry I use” page.

  1. Hi Tony. I might just give this a try. I like the idea of getting a finer grain, extended use and long lasting developer. It makes sense to use sodium metaborate as a buffer to extend to the life.

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