Town Hall – Grand Rapids, Ohio

After yesterdays successful river walk trip to Grand Rapids, OH, I decided to go back and focus more on the buildings. This time, though, I chose to use the FM and loaded it with Fomapan 100. Today’s shoot was aimed mostly at the Town Hall.

For development of this roll I once again used D23 replenished. I think that it’s safe to say at this point that D23 is my developer of choice and probably will be for a while. The tones, sharpness and grain treatment I’m getting with it are what I’m looking for in my everyday developer. This roll was developed for 10 minutes at 68 degrees. Continuous agitation for the first minute with 4 twists of the agitation stick at the top of each remaining minute in the development step. I gave it a short water “stop bath” and then fixed in TF-2. The negatives, once dried, were then scanned on an Epson V600 with Epson Scan 2.

Nikon FM | Fomapan 100 | D23

Nikon FM | Fomapan 100 | D23

Nikon FM | Fomapan 100 | D23

Nikon FM | Fomapan 100 | D23

Questions or comments? I’d love to hear them, feel free to post them in the comments below or send me an email.

God Bless and Happy Shooting!

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  1. I just ordered chems to make up d23 replenished, after seeing this post I’ll be looking to try it with foma 100 and perhaps 400 in the near future. Your results are beautiful. Thanks for the informative blog 😀

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