Who am I?

One of the toughest things I can think of doing is to write about myself, but I will do my best. I was born in 1964 in a small town in Northwest Ohio called Montpelier. For the first 18 years of my life I lived is several small towns in the area but will always consider Stryker to be my hometown. Although it is the sleepiest of sleepy small farm communities where the most exciting thing to do is watch paint dry and corn grow, I can think of no better place where I would love to live out the remaining years that the good Lord has set for me.

The Beginning

Sometime in 1978 I remember my dad (now divorced from my mother) asking me if I’d be interested joining him for a visit to my Uncles’ (a former Navy photographer) photographic studio. Not being particularly interested in photography at this point but very interested in spending any time with my dad that I could, I agreed. As we entered the studio I was met with the display of untold amounts of gear from (I would learn later) view cameras to light stands, tripods

A Brush With Digital

Life events around 2001 necessitated that I sell my gear. From that point until the middle of 2009 I was unable to continue with my passion to my satisfaction. Then in 2009 I was fortunate enough to be afforded the opportunity to return to photography with proper gear. However, instead of rearming myself with film gear I opted to forge ahead with what seemed to be the way of the future, digital. The camera was the Nikon D40x and I was in love. I would later own the D90 and then move on to the D610 which would be my last digital body until my return to film around 2015.

This Website

What I hope to achieve with this site is twofold. Firstly, it is meant at a place where I can chronicle my journey back into film. A place where I can talk about my experiences with various films and developers and how I arrived at the images I present. Secondly, it is my hope that this site can be a useful repository of useful information for others who are on the same journey as I am regardless of their skill level.

My Vision

This is always a tough topic for me to explain. If I were to be completely honest I’m not sure I truly have a clear cut “vision” as some would define it. What I do know is that I gravitate towards shooting subjects closeup more often than any other. This is where I’m happiest and where it is easiest for me to forget about the troublesome World, even if it is for only split seconds at a time.


As I write this page, I have been back into film for over half a decade and exclusively, or nearly exclusively, shooting film for two years. After feeling scatter brained that first couple of years as I jumped from what seem like endless variations of films, developers, cameras and formats I can say that I am quite comfortable with the films and developers I have finally chosen as my standards. Is this to say these will be what I am using five years from now? Not at all. However, as long as the films and developers I’m using today continue to give me the look and feel that I want then I see no reason to change.

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