Exploring Oak Openings 

With a four day weekend this past week I had the opportunity to explore some more of a local Metropark in the area. It's hard to believe that I only live 25 miles from here and have only walked it's trails less than a hand full of times.   Below are images from my walk... Continue Reading →

Arista EDU Ultra 200 Success

After developing a roll on Sunday with pretty good results I was emboldened to develop another roll.  While I was pretty happy with the results, I knew that I could do better.  You see, my goal is to go 95%+ all BW film by the end of the year and use digital only for those... Continue Reading →

A Start In Stand Developing

From the first time I heard about a technique where you could let your film sit in developer for an hour (or longer in some cases) that yielded usable negatives I knew I wanted to try it.  It couldn't be simpler, really.   My method for one roll is: Mix 500ml water at 20C with... Continue Reading →

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