Inspiration At The Oddest Time

Doing dishes on a Friday afternoon is not a time nor activity I would have thought where inspiration would hit. Yet that is exactly what happened today. I was finishing up the morning dishes and thinking about what I wanted to shoot this weekend. While some of the subjects that were coming to mind were... Continue Reading →

Giving Fomapan 100 a “nudge”

Two of my greatest photographic joys this year has been becoming acquainted with Fomapan 100 and the use of homemade developers. At the beginning of the year when I purchase my first 100' spool of Fomapan 100 (it was actually branded Arista EDU Ultra, but it's the same film) I knew, or at least highly... Continue Reading →

After The Overnight Rain Shower

As the work week gave way to the weekend I spent my Friday night brainstorming what to shoot only to fall asleep with no clear idea of what I would be shooting. Overnight we were blessed with a fairly heavy thunderstorm. Heavy enough to wake me from a pretty deep sleep. It was then that... Continue Reading →

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