Scenes Along The Canal

One of my favorite places to visit and photograph is a small river town on the Maumee river named Grand Rapids. It is a quaint little village where all of the shops are decorated and painted in a very periodesque (is that a word?) way. I will certainly be doing a blog post on this... Continue Reading →

One Camera, One Lens, Roll #2

Roll 2 from my One Camera, One Lens project found me back in my "old stomping grounds" of macro photography. Something I seemed to have inexplicably gotten away from but have been sorely missing. Last week saw me wondering what to shoot for my second roll only to come up empty handed. The weather playing... Continue Reading →

Ultrafine Extreme 100, finally.

After hearing people extol the virtues of the Ultrafine Extreme films for over a year, I was finally able to get my hands on some to shoot. I loaded the roll into my Nikon FM, fitted the camera with a Helios 44-2 and headed out for a nice Sunday morning walk. The roll was rated... Continue Reading →

A Sink and Kentmere

From my first roll of Kentmere 400 from the bulk roll purchased last month. I have been an Ilford HP5+ fanboy for sometime but wanted to try out Kentmere to see how it compares. If the rest of my images come out like this one then I will be a happy man. Nikon F100 +... Continue Reading →

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