Pushing HP5+ with D23

It was inevitable. Absolutely no way around it no matter much I tried to ignore it. Being an avid HP5+ shooter, and one who generally gives it a +1 push right out of the gate, I have felt odd shooting it at box speed since becoming acquainted with, and using heavily, D23. I'm not sure... Continue Reading →

Pyrocat HD – A New Chapter

For over a year now there have been two developers that I have desperately wanted to try. Pyrocat HD and Diafine. Pyrocat HD for the detail it provides, and Diafine for supreme tonality range and long shelf life. Recently I was lucky enough to get a 1-liter kit of Pyrocat HD. So far I have... Continue Reading →

A Short Walk With HP5

I took a short walk with my YashichaMAT 124G at one of our local nature preserves last Sunday. Loaded up with Ilford HP5+ and a desire to work on my metering. Development was in my now trusted and favorite developer, replenished D23. The more I use this developer the more it gets "seasoned" the better... Continue Reading →

New Project For 2020

2020 is quickly approaching and that means New Years' Resolutions are being made by millions. I am no exception. For the past couple of years, I have had the desire to do a One Camera/One Film project for the entire year. Each year, at the last moment, I would what amounted to chickening out. So,... Continue Reading →

Shooting Ilford HP5+ at 1600

There's no denying that I love Ilfords HP5+. It's such a versatile film that there hasn't really been a situation where I found I've needed another film to do the job, as far as black and white is concerned. Normally I shoot HP5+ at 800 right out of the box but this time I wanted... Continue Reading →

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