Ultrafine Extreme 100, finally.

After hearing people extol the virtues of the Ultrafine Extreme films for over a year, I was finally able to get my hands on some to shoot. I loaded the roll into my Nikon FM, fitted the camera with a Helios 44-2 and headed out for a nice Sunday morning walk. The roll was rated... Continue Reading →

Venturing Into Color

For as long as I've held a camera in my hands and developed my own black and white film I have always wanted to also work with color. However, intimidation of what I perceived as unbending temperature requirements kept me from even attempting the process. Part of my 2020 photographic resolutions was to finally give... Continue Reading →

Working With Clayton F76+

After using Kodak Xtol almost exclusively for a year I recently I decided to try a new developer, that being Clayton F76+, also known as Photographers Formulary FA-1027 or Arista Liquid Developer. From everything I had seen and heard from other photographers it would give sharp images with good tonal range. And who doesn't want... Continue Reading →

Kentmere 400 and HC-110

In my continuing quest to test Kentmere 400 in 2020 I decided to try it in my favorite HC-110 dilution...dilution H (1:63). When trying new developing schemes my first step is to consult the Massive Dev Chart to see what they recommend. Unfortunate for me there were no times listed for Kentmere 400 pushed to... Continue Reading →

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