Venturing Into Color

For as long as I've held a camera in my hands and developed my own black and white film I have always wanted to also work with color. However, intimidation of what I perceived as unbending temperature requirements kept me from even attempting the process. Part of my 2020 photographic resolutions was to finally give... Continue Reading →

New Project For 2020

2020 is quickly approaching and that means New Years' Resolutions are being made by millions. I am no exception. For the past couple of years, I have had the desire to do a One Camera/One Film project for the entire year. Each year, at the last moment, I would what amounted to chickening out. So,... Continue Reading →

2019 PhotoFellowships

2019 seems to be shaping up to what could be an interesting year for me, photographically. My return to film being the biggest along with bulk rolling and developing my own black and white film. During a talk with a fellow Instagrammer and film shooter, it was suggested that I consider doing film photowalks with... Continue Reading →

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