There and (hopefully) back again…

Let me begin by extending a very heartfelt apology for my absence over that last couple of months. It was not something that I had planned. One day in mid-September, what seemed like almost overnight my attitude toward my photography and this blog turned to one of extreme discontent. One might even say disdain. No... Continue Reading →

Clawing Back From A Disaster

One week ago the unthinkable happened. My computer, the center of my editing/blogging/web surfing/community interaction, activities decided it had had enough and let out the magical blue smoke. I was absolutely crushed. Not having a darkroom where I can print the negatives that I develop, my first emotion was one of deep sadness that my... Continue Reading →

But What About Cropping?

Just a very short post today. Just thinking out loud, actually, but a thought I would like to put out here nonetheless. Cropping. A word and deed that can cause controversy in some photographic circles. For some, cropping their images is just a matter of course. For others it is sacrilege and must be avoided... Continue Reading →

Olympus OM10 – What a Surprise

With the exception of a few years at the beginning of my 35mm photographic journey, I've been a Nikon shooter. I fell in love with just about everything from the handling to the build quality to even the sound the mirror slap and shutter firing made. I even followed them into the digital age going... Continue Reading →

Back To Film

In a past post, I had mentioned that I am returning to film. Several people have asked me why some have shaken their heads and some have even attempted to talk me out of it. So before you become one of those above, let me explain my reasoning for going back to film. Firstly, digital... Continue Reading →

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