Color Is Okay…

But my real passion is in black and white.  Perhaps it is because when I first started out in photography in middle school all those years ago (1979) the cheapest way to shoot was in black and white.  Plus I had a darkroom set up in my grandmother's basement which provided me with hours of... Continue Reading →

Losing The Crutch

Quality over quantity. That phrase is thrown around a lot. Even i have said it on more than one occasion upon my return to shooting film. My grand scheme for returning to film has always been to shoot fewer but more impact-filled imagery. Unfortunately, I'm finding that difficult to do when my digital gear is... Continue Reading →

So What’s Been Going On?

So here I sit wondering what to blog about.  I know that I want to tell you about the changes that have happened during the what is now nearly a year since my last blog post.  One would think that in that time I would have enough material for two blogs worth of material.  And... Continue Reading →

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