Kentmere 400 and HC-110

In my continuing quest to test Kentmere 400 in 2020 I decided to try it in my favorite HC-110 dilution...dilution H (1:63). When trying new developing schemes my first step is to consult the Massive Dev Chart to see what they recommend. Unfortunate for me there were no times listed for Kentmere 400 pushed to... Continue Reading →

Olympus OM10 – What a Surprise

With the exception of a few years at the beginning of my 35mm photographic journey, I've been a Nikon shooter. I fell in love with just about everything from the handling to the build quality to even the sound the mirror slap and shutter firing made. I even followed them into the digital age going... Continue Reading →

Playing With Kentmere 400

I recently had the pleasure of shooting one of the two rolls of 35mm Kentmere 400 that I bought last Winter. With the film loaded in my Nikon F100, Nicole and I headed to a new area of a favorite location of mine to test the film out. Since I had never shot this film... Continue Reading →

Project 1: Nicole

The 2019 shooting year has officially begun for me with the completion of Project 1: Nicole.  I used a Nikon F4 loaded with Ilford HP5+ and a Nikon F2 loaded with Ilford FP4+.   I recently purchased a Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 and used that on each camera.  The F4's meter works find so I... Continue Reading →

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