Scenes Along The Canal

One of my favorite places to visit and photograph is a small river town on the Maumee river named Grand Rapids. It is a quaint little village where all of the shops are decorated and painted in a very periodesque (is that a word?) way. I will certainly be doing a blog post on this... Continue Reading →

Early Morning in the Alley

With the threat of thunderstorms for the afternoon I thought it wise to try to get my weekend shooting done early this morning. I had initially planned on sticking close to home and shooting a roll of HP5 and Fomapan 100. I really had no detailed idea on what I wanted to shoot (do I... Continue Reading →

Never Leave Me Unsupervised

On the heels of the last two posts dealing with D23 and Barry Thorton Two Bath developers I present to you a post about the results of an unsupervised darkroom session I had today. A situation that sounds scary on the surface but actually yielded some surprising and pleasant results. While developing yesterdays roll in... Continue Reading →

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