Congregational Church

Fortune favored me this past weekend as I was able to finally shoot a roll of Ilford Ortho+ 80. These images were captured with my YashicaMAT 124G and a yellow filter. Developed in Xtol stock for 7:30.

A Sink and Kentmere

From my first roll of Kentmere 400 from the bulk roll purchased last month. I have been an Ilford HP5+ fanboy for sometime but wanted to try out Kentmere to see how it compares. If the rest of my images come out like this one then I will be a happy man. Nikon F100 +... Continue Reading →

Shooting Kodak 2238

It isn't often (if ever) that a film comes along and stops me in my tracks. In fact, I can't think of a time that one ever has. Some have come close but this one stopped me dead in my tracks. The film, of course is Kodak SO-2238, a film originally intended for archiving motion... Continue Reading →

Project 1: Nicole

The 2019 shooting year has officially begun for me with the completion of Project 1: Nicole.  I used a Nikon F4 loaded with Ilford HP5+ and a Nikon F2 loaded with Ilford FP4+.   I recently purchased a Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 and used that on each camera.  The F4's meter works find so I... Continue Reading →

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