After The Overnight Rain Shower

As the work week gave way to the weekend I spent my Friday night brainstorming what to shoot only to fall asleep with no clear idea of what I would be shooting. Overnight we were blessed with a fairly heavy thunderstorm. Heavy enough to wake me from a pretty deep sleep. It was then that... Continue Reading →

Town Hall – Grand Rapids, Ohio

After yesterdays successful river walk trip to Grand Rapids, OH, I decided to go back and focus more on the buildings. This time, though, I chose to use the FM and loaded it with Fomapan 100. Today's shoot was aimed mostly at the Town Hall. For development of this roll I once again used D23... Continue Reading →

One Camera, One Lens, Roll #2

Roll 2 from my One Camera, One Lens project found me back in my "old stomping grounds" of macro photography. Something I seemed to have inexplicably gotten away from but have been sorely missing. Last week saw me wondering what to shoot for my second roll only to come up empty handed. The weather playing... Continue Reading →

Reflected Tree

Every year since my return to film three years ago I have done my best to focus on one specific emulsion. I did this mainly in order to learn what that film can and can't do. The first year was Ilford HP5+, the second year (last year) was Kentmere 400. This year I decided to... Continue Reading →

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