Pushing HP5+ with D23

It was inevitable. Absolutely no way around it no matter much I tried to ignore it. Being an avid HP5+ shooter, and one who generally gives it a +1 push right out of the gate, I have felt odd shooting it at box speed since becoming acquainted with, and using heavily, D23. I'm not sure... Continue Reading →

Clawing Back From A Disaster

One week ago the unthinkable happened. My computer, the center of my editing/blogging/web surfing/community interaction, activities decided it had had enough and let out the magical blue smoke. I was absolutely crushed. Not having a darkroom where I can print the negatives that I develop, my first emotion was one of deep sadness that my... Continue Reading →

What Lies Ahead

As is the case for me, with the coming of a new year also comes a look inward to ponder what course I want to chart photographically. My first year coming back to film was slow and the goal was merely to get reacquainted with the mental process of shooting film. That being shooting slower... Continue Reading →

Back To Film

In a past post, I had mentioned that I am returning to film. Several people have asked me why some have shaken their heads and some have even attempted to talk me out of it. So before you become one of those above, let me explain my reasoning for going back to film. Firstly, digital... Continue Reading →

Losing The Crutch

Quality over quantity. That phrase is thrown around a lot. Even i have said it on more than one occasion upon my return to shooting film. My grand scheme for returning to film has always been to shoot fewer but more impact-filled imagery. Unfortunately, I'm finding that difficult to do when my digital gear is... Continue Reading →

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