Never Leave Me Unsupervised

On the heels of the last two posts dealing with D23 and Barry Thorton Two Bath developers I present to you a post about the results of an unsupervised darkroom session I had today. A situation that sounds scary on the surface but actually yielded some surprising and pleasant results. While developing yesterdays roll in... Continue Reading →

A Short Walk Around The Yard

I think it comes as no surprise to anyone that my love for macro photography runs deep. In particular, the effect that rain storms have on nature. There is just something about the way nature looks, smells and feels right after a rain storm that begs me to photograph it. Nikon F100 | Fomapan 100... Continue Reading →

Clawing Back From A Disaster

One week ago the unthinkable happened. My computer, the center of my editing/blogging/web surfing/community interaction, activities decided it had had enough and let out the magical blue smoke. I was absolutely crushed. Not having a darkroom where I can print the negatives that I develop, my first emotion was one of deep sadness that my... Continue Reading →

But What About Cropping?

Just a very short post today. Just thinking out loud, actually, but a thought I would like to put out here nonetheless. Cropping. A word and deed that can cause controversy in some photographic circles. For some, cropping their images is just a matter of course. For others it is sacrilege and must be avoided... Continue Reading →

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